This section acts as a personal living document highlighting policy documents and relevant developments to AI policy across the globe. It is by no means comprehensive and will be updated regularly. If you use this resource please cite it.

Send me a message if you spot any pressing updates and errors, or if you'd like to contribute otherwise. Quoted text is generally directly from the linked resources.

Interesting Reading
Accessible mainstream literature

Google to open Artificial Intelligence Centre in Ghana:​

Primer on South African AI Ecosystem:

New research: Starting the AI policy dialogue in Africa:

Mobile Usage in Zimbabwe:

Mobile data usage in Zimbabwe nearly doubled to 15,3 Terabytes in 2017 and it is now expected that this trend of stronger Internet usage will continue, underpinned by new business models riding on internet of things (IoT) platforms as well as booming e-commerce facilities.

CloudWalk Facial Recognition tech in Zimbabwe:

Ethiopian Government embracing AI:​

Data Science Africa:​

DeepLearning Indaba:

Nigeria announces National Agency for Research in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:

African Master’s of Machine Intelligence at AIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences):

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