This section acts as a personal living document highlighting policy documents and relevant developments to AI policy across the globe. It is by no means comprehensive and will be updated regularly. If you use this resource please cite it.

Send me a message if you spot any pressing updates and errors, or if you'd like to contribute otherwise. Quoted text is generally directly from the linked resources.

Government Reports and Initiatives

Australia's AI Ethics Framework (Australian Government, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)*:

White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: Governance and Leadership (Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow's group's work)*:​

All Party AI group:


The Digital Economy Strategy Paper (2017):

Non-Governmental Reports and Initiatives

3A Institute (Autonomy, Agency and Assurance Innovation Institute): 

Interesting Reading

Accessible mainstream literature

Australia & China:

*Thanks to Fiona David from Minderoo for pointing these out.

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