This section acts as a personal living document highlighting policy documents and relevant developments to AI policy across the globe. It is by no means comprehensive and will be updated regularly. If you use this resource please cite it.

Send me a message if you spot any pressing updates and errors, or if you'd like to contribute otherwise. Quoted text is generally directly from the linked resources.

Interesting reading
Accessible mainstream literature

R&D Financing for AI:

Eager to kickstart its AI industry, the nation of 52 million yesterday released an ambitious national plan to invest ₩2.2 trillion (US$2 billion) by 2022 to strengthen its AI R&D capability. The program includes the establishment of six new AI research institutes, JoongAng Ilbo reports. “The government believes obtaining AI core technologies by joining hands with private corporations will not only achieve global standards but eventually nurture talented people and quality jobs. We aim to reach the global top four by 2022,” says Chang Byung-gyu, head of the Presidential Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee launched last October.

Industrial Policy focus areas:

First Korean company to release ethics guidelines (KAKAO):​

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